How much does a drug counselor make?

Answer Licensed professional chemical-dependency (drug) counselors earned between $35,118 and $56,084 in 2009, depending on such factors as location, type of practice and years of experience in the field.... Read More »

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How much does a drug and alcohol counselor make?

In 2008, salaries for substance-abuse counselors ranged from $24,240 to $59,460; the average yearly salary of these counselors was $39,670.Source:Bureau of Labor Statistics

How much money annually does a drug counselor make with a BS degree in psychology?

The median salary range for drug counselors with Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees in psychology was $26,002 to $30,521 as of July 2010, according to Payscale. Drug counselors are sometimes called s... Read More »

Drug Counselor Training?

Drug counselors treat people with drug abuse problems, providing education and individual and group counseling to help them give up drugs and remain drug free. They may also work with family member... Read More »

Drug Counselor Qualifications?

Drug counselors, also known as substance abuse counselors, should have a strong educational background and practical experience. Drug counselors help individuals who struggle with drug and alcohol ... Read More »