How much does a door closer cost?

Answer The cost of a door closer depends on the type and manufacturer. As of March 2010, you can buy a Wright Pneumatic Door Closer for as little as $5.53 from Grady's Online at On the high en... Read More »

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How to Install a Proper Screen Door Closer?

You'll find two basic types of closers on a screen door--a tension spring or a pneumatic closer. A proper screen door closer is really based on preference, and what you want the closer to accomplis... Read More »

Briton Door Closer Installation Instructions?

Automatic door closers, such as those made by Briton, are used at many types of businesses, such as restaurants and retail stores. An automatic door closer ensures that a door shuts completely. You... Read More »

How to Adjust Tension on a Yale Hydraulic Door Closer?

The Yale hydraulic door closer is a staple in many offices. The closer shuts the door automatically when you let go of the door. The tension feel when opening the door is known as back check. The b... Read More »

Door was kikcked in. door not damaged just the post inside trim. cost?

You could glue it back together, use long thin pin type nails which aren't hammered in all the way, leave enough hanging out so you could easily pulled them out once the glue has set. Fill nail hol... Read More »