How much does a dog trainer make per year?

Answer Dog trainers' duties range from general obedience training to training a dog to assist someone with disabilities. In 2009, a dog trainer with five to nine years of experience made between $21,500 a... Read More »

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How Much Does an Athletic Trainer Make in a Year?

When you're watching Monday Night Football or your favorite college team play, and a player on the field suffers an injury, one of the first people on the field is the team's athletic trainer. The ... Read More »

How Much Does a Dolphin Trainer Get Paid a Year?

Dolphins are intelligent animals that respond well to training. Dolphin trainers teach these cetaceans to perform tricks and synchronized movements on the trainer's command. Dolphins are trained fo... Read More »

What year did the Medicus golf trainer start?

Bob Koch, a former pro golfer, invented the Medicus training club in 1986. The club has dual hinges that immediately lets a golfer know if he is swinging at the right tempo and on the proper plane.... Read More »

What is the difference between a personal trainer&a fitness trainer?

A personal trainer and a fitness trainer are one in the same. Both titles may be used in different venues, but they refer to the same type of individual providing the same fitness services.Personal... Read More »