How much does a disposable camera cost?

Answer Yes in non i-ttl auto and manual

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How much do disposable cameras cost?

Disposable cameras cost anywhere from 10 to 60 dollars depending on the type of camera you want. The disposable cameras from Kodak are usually less expensive than other cameras from Sony.

How does the resolution of a 2.4 megapixal digital camera compare with a disposable camera?

Answer Generally speaking, film has a much better resolution than digital cameras. In fact, if you were to compare good 35mm color film to the "megapixel" rating of digital cameras, film would rate... Read More »

How much do disposable contact lenses cost?

The price of disposable contact lenses varies by brand, but All About Vision states that daily disposable contacts can cost as little as one dollar a pair. One to two week disposables usually cost ... Read More »

How much would it cost for a month's supply of disposable diapers for 3 month old babies?

In a day ,considering you change your babies diapers 5 times a day ,you would require around 150 diapers a month.A good brand like pampers would cost you anywhere bw 40-45 $ a month.