How much does a digital movie camera cost?

Answer Yes

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The cost of a digital camera is £240 plus VAT. The rate of VAT is 17.5%. What is the cost of the camera?

I do hope very much that this is a homework question (it sure sounds like one) and that you are about 8 years old.If you seriously can't figure this out, it would be a very good idea for the sake o... Read More »

How to Copy From a Digital Movie Camera to a DVD?

Digital movie camera clips often remain in the camera much after the video has been shot. These files can accumulate over time, and take up space on the memory card or camera itself, never to be se... Read More »

What is movie mode on a digital camera?

Answer Digital cameras which feature a movie mode will record video in mpeg/mpg format something similar. Video fills a lot of memory card or disk very fast, since it has to shoot about 15 frames ... Read More »

Cost to fix a digital camera?

It depends on the type of problem you're trying to fix. Some parts cost more than others. In some cases it won't make sense to fix but rather to get a new camera.