How much does a digital camera cost in the UK?

Answer Kind of depends how sophisticated you want it to be - and how much memory you want. I have a digital camera I bought from Woolworths the year before it closed - and it cost £50. It's an 8 Mega-pix... Read More »

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The cost of a digital camera is £240 plus VAT. The rate of VAT is 17.5%. What is the cost of the camera?

I do hope very much that this is a homework question (it sure sounds like one) and that you are about 8 years old.If you seriously can't figure this out, it would be a very good idea for the sake o... Read More »

How much does a digital camera cost?

digital camera costThe prices are normally between 50-200$ for a normal camera. If you want one with some big zoom, you'll see some for 200-500$ Higher than 500$ should be DSLR. (it goes up to 10... Read More »

Cost to fix a digital camera?

It depends on the type of problem you're trying to fix. Some parts cost more than others. In some cases it won't make sense to fix but rather to get a new camera.

How much does a digital movie camera cost?