How much does a dentist get payed ?

Answer Dentists get payed A LOT, mostly because a lot of people have tooth problems, hence there are many patients per day. ALL dentists are RICH. But it takes a lot of hardwork, love for biology and pati... Read More »

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I have a dentist appt tommrow so the dentist can go through the treatment plan for braces?

The dentist/orthodontist reappoints the patient for the treatment plan, provided that all diagnostic materials are present(cast impressions, panoramic and cephalometric x-rays, photographs) because... Read More »

How do u concore your fear of dentist and how long since youve been to the dentist?

go to a sedation dentist..................he will give you good drugs beforehand

How will I get through uni with only £2 per day once my rent is payed?

flat/house share to reduce rent billsbuy clothes from cheap outlet stores and charity shops (and only but what you need)buy food from cheap retailers (e.g. 99p shop, £1 shop, lidl, farmfoods...)yo... Read More »

How do websites get "payed"?

Great question that I wonder about as well.Btw, it's "paid" ;).