How much does a dentist charge to bleach teeth?

Answer On One Hand: Typically $300 to $800According to, an in-office professional bleach job on your teeth (usually using Zoom or BriteSmile systems) typically costs $300 to $500. However th... Read More »

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How much should dentist charge to re-cement a bridge?

Since the dentist has to remove some of the old cement and prep the bridge (and natural teeth) for dentist charges $120-130

Can You Bleach Your Teeth Using Real Bleach?

Does Getting baby teeth out at the dentist hurt?

No, since baby teeth don't usually have roots. Everybody's pain tolerance is different but it's not that bad.

What does the dentist do when he/she whiteness ur teeth?

They put a chemical on your a gel...then shine UV light on it to activate it.It pops...and it hurts...for several hours after the whitening'll get random sharp pains all ove... Read More »