How much does a dental lab tech make?

Answer Dental laboratory technicians earn $36,990 on average for full-time work.That is the average annual salary for the job in the United States, according to 2008 estimates from the Bureau of Labor Sta... Read More »

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How to Become a Dental Lab Tech?

Dental lab technicians work in laboratories making appliances such as bridges, false teeth, crowns and veneers using information provided by a dentist. They also make orthodontic appliances and sp... Read More »

Is a dental assistant better than a vet tech?

On One Hand: Training and FunctionDental assistants obtain on-the-job training, although some elect to enroll in a training program of one year or less, according to the United States Bureau of Lab... Read More »

Dental Lab Tech Certification?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, certification is not mandatory for most dental techs (three states require it), but certification may increase your job prospects. The National Board fo... Read More »

Should I get professional dental surgery now or get dental surgery at a dental school a week from now?

You are in good hands at USC School of Dentistry. Students are overseen by several dental instructors and professionals. There are clinics available that do extractions at lower costs.*Please refer... Read More »