How much does a cytotechnologist earn?

Answer In April 2009, the average salary for a cytotechnologist in the United States was $61,883, according to The top cytotechnologist earners made $66,823 while those in the lowest bracket ... Read More »

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What is a cytotechnologist?

The cytotechnologist is a critical member of the medical laboratory team who uses a microscope to detect subtle changes in cells, which subsequently can reveal precancerous, malignant or infectious... Read More »

Cytotechnologist Education Requirements?

Cytotechnologists study cells and search for abnormalities and other early signs of disease at the microscopic level. Diseases range from viral and bacterial infections to cancer and meningitis. Cy... Read More »

What is the difference between a cytotechnologist&a cytopathologist?

Although cytotechnologists and cytopathologists work in different capacities within the study of cells, their work frequently overlaps. The studies of cells done by both cytotechnologists and cytop... Read More »

How much does a director of photography earn earn?

There is probably a union scale for the DP; depending on the project's budget, producer, and so forth.