How much does a cubic yard of mulch weigh?

Answer The weight of one cubic yard of mulch depends on what material the mulch is composed of. A cubic yard of aggregate rock mulch weighs between 2,400 and 2,800 lbs., while a cubic yard of bark mulch ... Read More »

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How many cubic feet are in a yard of mulch?

There are 4.5 cubic feet in a yard of mulch. You can find the cubic feet in a yard of mulch by determining the width and depth of the mulch. The formula for cubic feet is length times width times d... Read More »

How much will a cubic yard of mulch cover?

One cubic yard of mulch covers about 150 square feet of ground when spread 2 inches thick, or roughly the area of a 10-by-15-foot garden. One cubic yard of mulch piled up and rounded off will fill ... Read More »

One yard of mulch equals how many cubic feet?

One cubic yard of mulch equals 27 cubic feet. A linear yard contains three feet, but cubic measurements are the sum of length, width and height. To convert cubic yards to cubic feet, you must multi... Read More »

How much does .8 cubic ft of rubber mulch weigh?

The weight of rubber mulch depends on its density. RubberMulch offers mulch with a density of 17.92 pounds per cubic foot, or 14.34 pounds per 0.8 cubic feet. Mulch-No-More and Ground Cush'n offer ... Read More »