Why does a rooster crow at dawn?

Answer The rooster is well-known for his noisy early morning call. It is described in story books, children's songs and folklore. While many people don't keep roosters themselves, this legendary accomplis... Read More »

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How long does a North American crow live?

The American crow is a large black bird found in the United States, southern Canada and northern Mexico. It has an average lifespan of seven or eight years, though this species has been known to li... Read More »

What does it mean when a crow follows you?

The superstitious have for centuries feared the crow as a harbinger of death, according to Edwin Radford's "Encyclopedia of Superstitions." Seeing the same crow repeatedly suggests misfortune will ... Read More »

Where does the Trammell Crow Company have offices?

The Trammell Crow Company has offices in Canada, Europe, Asia, and South America

How to Draw a Crow?

Crows are medium-sized birds with jet black feathers and long, narrow, pointed beaks. Illustrating a crow requires precision, and you may have to practice the features before you get it just right.... Read More »