How much does a condominium air conditioner cost?

Answer Visit your local HVAC vendor to determine the cost of adding air conditioning to your building(s). If you want to purchase an air conditioner for your unit, you can shop around to find the equipmen... Read More »

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How much does an elevator cost for a condominium?

just like cars, there are different kinds of elevators. For condominiums I assume you are considering a passenger elevator. In the simplest terms, hydraulic elevators (generally cheaper) are good f... Read More »

How much does a new central air conditioner cost?

A new central air conditioner can be quite costly. According to Cost Helper, adding a new system to an existing one ranges between $3,500 and $4,000. If ducts need to be added, the cost increases t... Read More »

How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Air Conditioner and Heater on a Car?

Depending on what type of car you have and what the problem is, it can cost $500 to $2,000 or more to fix the air-conditioner and heater in a car. The vehicle needs to be checked for leaks, and par... Read More »

How much does a central air conditioner cost?

The cost of a central air conditioner is between $2,100 to $10,000, according to The price varies by home size, quality of equipment, installation fees and if your home already has ... Read More »