How much does a condo cost in downtown New Orleans?

Answer A local realtor can help you find the unit you want to buy, and give you a price for it.

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How much does drivers ed cost in New Orleans, Louisiana?

. Behind-the-wheel instruction averages $50 -$150 a lesson (usually two hour sessions, but it varies).

Is there a law regarding condo fees I live in a four-unit condo One of the members has not paid his condo fee for 7 months?

Yes, and the law is a local state law, plus the governing documents under which the association operates the property. Read your governing documents and follow the guidelines there to collect the p... Read More »

How much does it cost to soundproof a condo?

The cost to soundproof a condo depends on the size of the unit and material. Soundproof material generally costs about $1.30 to $4.50 per square foot of wall or ceiling. Soundproof windows cost abo... Read More »

What is the cost for condo apartments in flint Michigan?

You can find a range of prices for condominium units in any city or state. Prices may range from the hundreds to several million dollars.Your best answer will be to work with a real estate agent in... Read More »