How much does a concrete block cost?

Answer The price of individual concrete blocks varies, depending on area, size of order and the type of block used. Individual block prices at a home improvement store may range from around $1 for smaller... Read More »

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What is the rough cost of concrete building block?

As of 2010 at most big box hardware stores a standard 8 Inch x 8 Inch x 16 Inch, medium-weight concrete block is priced at $1.33 per block. A half block is $.98. Buying in bulk, such as for a found... Read More »

What is the difference between a cinder block and a concrete block?

The difference between concrete and cinder blocks are the materials they are made of and the way in which they are used in construction and building. These blocks come in more than 32 different var... Read More »

How do I lay a concrete block?

Lay the FootingsPour the footings for the wall twice as deep as the thickness of the concrete block and twice the width. Use a trowel to spread a thick, 8x1-inch wide deep layer of mortar onto the ... Read More »

How to Repair a Concrete Block?

Many houses and other buildings have foundations, walls, and other major structures made from concrete blocks. Concrete blocks, also sometimes called cinder blocks, are block-shaped and made from c... Read More »