How much does a computer technician for geek squad make?

Answer The hourly wage for a Geek Squad Tech depends on his specific title. Wages range from $9 to $16 an hour for a Geek Squad CIA Agent, and from $12 to $23 an hour for a Geek Squad Double Agent.Source:... Read More »

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My computer when to geek squad to get fixed. music on itune is gone?

Take it back and demand your iTunes files.

If the Geek Squad takes more than 2 months to fix your computer - isn't it time to shop for a Mac?

We had a computer hurling contest at one of our malls a few years back! I'll let you know if they schedule another one.

The computer is back from the Geek Squad so I have a question about getting my desktop back to normal?

Why would you pay geek Squad to "fix" anything? You know they are not certified or even trained pc techs right?Here:…In the future, use a private shop, yo... Read More »

BestBuy's Geek Squad Charges...?

Best Buy Geek Squad is Notorious for ripping people off like this. Its really not hard to mount the tv mount and then the tv. Just remember to Check it twice before you do anything. You could proba... Read More »