How much does a computer technician for geek squad make?

Answer The hourly wage for a Geek Squad Tech depends on his specific title. Wages range from $9 to $16 an hour for a Geek Squad CIA Agent, and from $12 to $23 an hour for a Geek Squad Double Agent.Source:... Read More »

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My computer when to geek squad to get fixed. music on itune is gone?

Take it back and demand your iTunes files.

How much do geek squad Home theater techs get paid an hr?

depends on where you live. you start @ around $10 usually and at the tops end like $18. when i got let go i was making 16.29. i was working there for 2+yrs and for best almost 10. also they dont hi... Read More »

If the Geek Squad takes more than 2 months to fix your computer - isn't it time to shop for a Mac?

We had a computer hurling contest at one of our malls a few years back! I'll let you know if they schedule another one.

How does geek squad remove viruses?

Although it depends on which employee is doing the virus removal and of course the actual virus itself, The Geek Squad has a few unusual tools at their disposal, such as a customized safe mode envi... Read More »