How much does a common Lincoln penny weigh?

Answer The Lincoln penny, the most common U.S coin, weighs 2.5 grams. At one time these coins were 95 percent copper and 5 percent zinc, but they have been made of copper-plated zinc since 1982.Source:The... Read More »

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Why is Lincoln on the penny?

In 1909, President Abraham Lincoln became the first president, as well as the first actual person, to be featured on a U.S. coin. He has been featured on the front of the one cent piece--the penny-... Read More »

Who designed the Lincoln penny?

Victor David Brenner designed the wheat penny. Lincoln was on the obverse side with two wheat stalks on the reverse. It circulated from 1909 until 1958. Frank Gasparro redesigned the penny with the... Read More »

Why is Lincoln facing the other way on the penny?

The penny features an image of Abraham Lincoln facing to the right, instead of to the left like the presidents on most other U.S. coins issued in the past 100 years. This was purely an artistic dec... Read More »

What is the mass of a Lincoln penny?

According to the United States Mint, the mass of a Lincoln cent currently in circulation is 2.5 grams. It is composed of 75 percent zinc; copper plating accounts for the other 25 percent.Source:The... Read More »