How much does a claim adjuster charge for their services?

Answer Claims adjusters help settle insurance claims in favor of the claimant. The adjuster's payment is in the form of commission, usually about 15 percent and paid only if the claimant wins. The amount ... Read More »

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How much do recruiters or headhunters charge for their services?

A retained recruiter will charge 20 to 35 percent of an employees first year's salary before beginning an employment search, while a contracted recruiter's fees are $75 to $150 and hour. There are ... Read More »

What percentage does Discover charge companies to use their credit card services?

As of April 2010, the Discover company usually charges businesses that accept its credit card for payment $1.64 per $100 transaction. A $500 transaction can cost a merchant $8.04.Source:The North C... Read More »

How much can hud charge for cleaning services?

The charge depends on the property type and service. However, as of 2009, HUD allows a maximum of $1,100 for one unit and $1,550 for four units to "preserve and protect HUD properties." Specific ... Read More »

How much do cleaning services charge?

This depends on the homeowner's location, the desired services and the size of the home to be cleaned. A good average is between $40 and $60 per cleaning for residential service. Call around to dif... Read More »