How much does pine wood weigh?

Answer The density of pine varies significantly depending on the variety and the actual piece. values between 0,34 and 1,02 can be found from various sources. A board 2 cm thick, 10 cm wide and 5 meters l... Read More »

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How much does a piece of wood weigh?

Whatever it is... A 'piece of wood' is very vague. It all depends on the size of the piece and what type of wood it is. Strictly, the weight is the volume of the piece multiplied by the density of ... Read More »

How much does wood flooring weigh?

The weight of an actual wood flooring will depend on the wood specie being installed. A loose grain wood will be lighter in weight than a tight grain. Most exotic hardwood floorings, such as Brazil... Read More »

How much does a Pinewood Derby block of wood weigh?

The official block of wood used to make Pinewood Derby cars weighs 5 ounces. The completed car must also weigh 5 ounces including the wheels. After the block is carved into a car shape and the whee... Read More »

Planter that is cirular and 5 and half feet across and approximately 24 tall How much dirt is in the pot and how much does it weigh?

area pi(r)2(h)=A pi(5.5)2(24)=A the area should be about 2280.796 square feet - that's how much dirt... the weight depends on how much dirt weighs, which i don't know.... Correction Our friend ... Read More »