How Soon Must a Terminated Employee Be Paid?

Answer To promote fair employment practices, federal and state government regulations require employers to fulfill certain wage and hour obligations. This includes paying employees for services rendered i... Read More »

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How Often Must an Employee Get Paid in Georgia?

State laws govern how often employees must get paid for their work and what they should do if they don't get paid in a timely manner. Georgia laws on pay frequency apply to most employees in the st... Read More »

California Law Regarding Salaried Employee Paid Time Off?

California law does not distinguish between paid time off and paid vacation in its labor laws for salaried employees, according to the California Department of Industrial Relations. If your employe... Read More »

Is Social Security tax paid by an employee deducted from reportable wages?

Employers deduct Social Security taxes from reportable wages, according to the Internal Revenue Service. If an employer does not deduct taxes, the employee will be responsible for paying when he fi... Read More »

Are retired federal employee health premiums paid with pretax dollars?

Retired federal employee health premiums are not paid with pre-tax dollars. Retirees make monthly payments for their health benefits with after-tax dollars from their annuities. Active employees pa... Read More »