How much does a certified nurse's aide make in Massachusetts?

Answer In 2009 the average Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) salary in Massachusetts is $30,000. Your salary will depend on your education, job employment location and experience. Employers of Certified N... Read More »

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Certified Nurses Aide Schools?

Certified nurse aides help nurses in hospitals and nursing homes and other assisted-living facilities to provide care for patients. If you are interested in helping people, but do not have the time... Read More »

Nurses aide?

feed, bathe, take care of incontinent episodes the elderly may have......answer call lights, serve meals, take vital signs....its a very hard job. i've been a CNA for a very long time off and on...... Read More »

Certified Nurse Aide Schools?

Certified nursing assistants, also called aides, help nurses in a variety of ways and come in to close contact with patients every day. Tasks performed can range from documentation to basic nursing... Read More »

Qualifications for Certified Medication Aide?

A Certified Medication Aide (CMA) administers medication to elderly and ill residents of nursing homes and long-term health facilities. CMAs also regularly assess residents' heart and pulse rates a... Read More »