How much does a cell phone tower cost?

Answer According to, a cell phone tower costs approximately $150,000 to build. Factors that affect cost to build a cell tower include the type, height and location of the tower, weather ... Read More »

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How to Track a Cell Phone Tower?

Tracking cell phone towers is a handy thing to do if you're looking to see what your reception is going to be like in a particular place. Whether you're thinking about moving, or just going on a tr... Read More »

How to Track the Closest Tower to My Cell Phone?

Finding out how to track the closest tower to your cell phone is a good idea for two reasons. If you are traveling, it can help you avoid roaming charges to be able to update your cell phone to the... Read More »

How large of an area does a cell phone tower cover?

The area covered by a cell phone tower can vary between three to 45 miles, depending on its location and capabilities. For example, an old-fashioned cell tower of 120 feet can provide service about... Read More »

Does anyone know were a hidden cell phone tower is in montgomery county maryland. I need to find one for class?

Hmm, a HIDDEN tower? That's tough. But I can sure point you to a very large, prominent tower. In lower Montgomery, inside the Washington Beltway (about 2-3 miles, and close to the DC line), the... Read More »