How much does a car depreciate each year?

Answer There are many factors that determine how much a car depreciates each year. There are also various methods for calculating depreciation, especially for tax purposes.DefinitionDepreciation is the d... Read More »

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How much rain does the Tundra get each year?

The Tundra gets less than 15 inches of rainfall per year. The Tundra is the harshest and coldest type of biome. Permafrost dominates the region underneath the tundra soil, and there is very little ... Read More »

How much does the US spend on its military each year?

More than 500 billion dollars... more than anyone else in the world; China: 91 billion Iran 9 billion:)

How much does the average american spend on gas each year?

According to the The Bureau of Labor Statistics April 2009 report, the average American spent $2,384 on gasoline and oil in 2007. This rose around seven percent from 2006.Source:Consumer Expenditur... Read More »

How much sunlight does the Tundra receive each year?

The Arctic Tundra receives limited sunlight 24 hours a day for about 10 months a year. During the other two months, the Sun is below the horizon and the Arctic Tundra is completely dark.Source:Whee... Read More »