How much does a car bumper cost?

Answer The cost of a car bumper, depending on the vehicle's make, model and year built is going to vary between $250 and $300 dollars each. More expensive vehicles are going to have more expensive bumpers... Read More »

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How much does it cost to paint a car bumper?

The price varies for painting a car bumper. Most dealerships and private shops charge between $50.00 to $75.00 an hour in labor, not including supply cost to paint a car bumper. The price usually i... Read More »

If you're driving a car and you;re backing up and touch someone's bumper with your bumper should i call police?

As a licensed insurance agent in property and casualty, you are only to contact the police if you are in an accident that has more than a 1000.00 worth of damage otherwise you are to exchange infor... Read More »

What is a 100,000 mile bumper to bumper wrap car warranty?

One of the most important factors a new-car buyer will want to consider is what kind of warranty comes with the vehicle. With new cars today having so many more parts, especially electronics, it is... Read More »

How to Remove a Plastic Bumper Cover From a Bumper?

The "fascia" of the bumper is the plastic bumper cover that absorbs some of the force during a collision, protecting the frame of the vehicle from taking the hit without any buffer. Because the fas... Read More »