How much does a bulletproof vest cost?

Answer The cost of bulletproof vests varies depending on the protection level of the vest. For lightweight, police-grade vests that are easily concealable under a uniform or jacket, the price starts at ap... Read More »

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Does obama wear a bulletproof vest?

According to a Jan. 21, 2009 article on, President Obama wore a bullet-resistant suit on the day of his inauguration (Jan. 20, 2009). The Secret Service does not reveal exact details of t... Read More »

How to Buy a Bulletproof Vest?

Although most commonly associated with members of police officer SWAT teams, bulletproof vests are worn by patrol officers, private security, and by anyone needing protection from being shot. Also ... Read More »

Who invented the bulletproof vest?

According to National Public Radio, Reverend Casimir Zeglen, a Chicago priest, invented the bulletproof vest in 1893 after the mayor of Chicago was fatally shot in his home. The fabric used was 1/... Read More »

What is a bulletproof vest made of?

Bulletproof vests may contain Kevlar or other tough, lightweight fibers, as well as plates of metal and other rigid materials. Vests will vary depending on what kind of bullets or projectiles they ... Read More »