How much is a bottle of Bacardi Y Cia 1876 worth?

Answer $200 American dollars

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How much does it cost to make a plastic bottle?

According to, the United States consumes 29 billion plastic bottles each year, requiring 17 million barrels of crude oil for production. There is no set price for making a plastic ... Read More »

On average, how much does a bottle of Zinfandel cost?

$10-12 should buy you a half-magnum (750ml) of a nice economy vintage.

How much does a bottle of 1959 Seagram's whiskey cost?

All whiskey stops fermentation when it's bottled, so a 1959 bottle probably costs little more than current market price. According to "The Art of Drink," a "bottle of 1974 Seagrams VO might not be ... Read More »

How much does a bottle of Hugo Boss cologne cost?

Hugo Boss colognes are popular fragrances for men.The 2.5-ounce eau de toilette from the Hugo Boss Pure collection retails for $65. Hugo Boss colognes are known for their refreshing, energizing sce... Read More »