The Beluga Whale's Natural Habitat?

Answer Beluga whales are easily recognizable by their white skin. Unlike other whales they do not have a dorsal fin. They have rounded, broad heads with large foreheads. The beluga whale's fins are paddl... Read More »

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Migratory Patterns of the Beluga Whale?

The pure white color of beluga whales makes them stand out among other whales. These Arctic Ocean dwellers are favorites of sightseers, and understanding their migration patterns is very important ... Read More »

I weigh 36 stone, I want to go swimming at the local pool, but will people laugh at me call me a whale?

Don't listen to these people! Yes people probably will call you names and laugh and stare but thats is there ignorant abnoxious personalities. You just have to ignore it block them out and think yo... Read More »

How to Get Beluga?

Beluga is a free cross-platform group messaging application for Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and mobile devices running Google’s Android operating system. The app allows you to create priv... Read More »

Where does beluga caviar come from?

Beluga caviar comes from beluga sturgeon in the Caspian Sea, a massive body of water surrounded by several former Soviet republics. Because of overfishing and the lack of regulations, this most exp... Read More »