How much does a Zip drive hold?

Answer There are two versions of the Zip drive, by Iomega, currently available. One has a capacity of 250 MB, the other a capacity of 750 MB.Source:Iomega Products

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How much does a one GB flash drive hold?

A flash drive is a portable device for storing files. The amount of data you can store on a 1 GB flash drive depends on the file types and sizes. estimates that it can hold 640 photogra... Read More »

How much data does a 2 GB USB Flash Drive hold?

A 2GB USB Flash Drive reserves 143MB and has 1905MB available for storage. You can store up to 952 photos, 476 mp3 files, or 3.81 feature-length films in Mpeg format.References:Flashbay: USB Data D... Read More »

How much does a 500 gigabyte hard drive hold?

A 500 GB hard drive will hold 500 gigabytes of data. That translates to approximately 1,000,000 camera phone photos, or 150,000 digital camera photos, or 100,000 average length CD quality songs.So... Read More »

How much memory does a flash drive hold?

Flash drives come in a variety of different memory sizes from as little as 16gb to as large as 256gb. You can find one at any electronics store with enough space to fit your needs.