How much does a USB flash drive cost?

Answer Depending on your computer needs, a USB flash drive can cost as little as $10.99 and prices go up to $299. The storage capacity you require determines the price.Source:USB Flash Drive

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How much does a flash drive cost?

According to, a CNet site, prices range from less than $10 to well over $200, depending on the manufacturer and the storage capacity.Source:USB Flash Drives

How much does a flash memory drive usually cost?

Many answers here regarding prices but I will give a few links and let you decide for yourself.I am going to add something based on your question though. Flash drives are excellent choices for por... Read More »

What kind of a USB flash drive do you suggest About how much do they cost?

When you say what kind do you mean, the memory size? Because if thats what you mean and you want a lot of storage room, get a 1 GB. A 1 GB flash drive usually can cost anywhere from $20-$50. Depend... Read More »

How much does a one GB flash drive hold?

A flash drive is a portable device for storing files. The amount of data you can store on a 1 GB flash drive depends on the file types and sizes. estimates that it can hold 640 photogra... Read More »