How much does a UPS truck weigh?

Answer The weight of an UPS truck varies by the model of the truck involved. WebWire reports that new UPS trucks built on an upgraded, fuel-efficient chassis and unveiled in March 2010 had gross vehicle w... Read More »

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What does a truck have to weigh to write it off as a work truck?

Any vehicle designed to carry cargo with a loaded gross vehicle weight over 14,000 pounds is qualified non-personal use vehicles. According to Internal Revenue Bulletin 2008-25, the IRS allows you ... Read More »

How much does an S-10 truck weigh?

According to, the Chevrolet S-10 features a gross vehicle rating of 5150 lbs. and a curb weight of 3616 lbs. Edmunds states that the truck was introduced in 1982 and was in service ... Read More »

How much does a Ford F-150 truck weigh?

According to the Ford Motor Company, a 2010 Ford F-150 has a base curb weight ranging from 4693 lbs. for the regular 4x2 cab to 5854 lbs. for the SuperCrew 145 MAX 4x4 Harley-Davidson edition. Curb... Read More »

How much does a garbage truck weigh?

Garbage trucks haul away loads of waste to help keep neighborhoods clean. What you may not know is that a garbage truck can weigh nearly 25 tons or 50,000 lbs.--the same as five African elephants.R... Read More »