How much does a TV commercial cost?

Answer The cost to make a TV commercial varies widely, depending upon production costs and the cost of airing the commercial. According to Gaebler Resources for Entrepreneurs, the average cost to produce ... Read More »

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How much does it cost to start a commercial general liability and commercial property insurance policy?

It all depends on the type of business and the size. Commercial general liability and some contents ($10,000 or so) for a small office might be as low as $500 per year.However, the cost of insuranc... Read More »

How much does it cost to air a TV commercial?

The average cost of a national 30-second TV advertisement is around $350,000. It can range from less than $1,000 to more than $2 million due to factors like the production costs and the program dur... Read More »

How much does it cost to air a commercial in T.V?

well Earl D has pretty much covered it all..just to add one more aspect to it the cost of airing for each channel depends upon whether the channel is for the masses or a nicher...a mass channel wil... Read More »

How Much Does it Cost to Shoot a Commercial?

Depending on where it is shown and how long a commercial is, it can cost around $350,000 to shoot a 30-second television commercial. However, prices tend to be considerably lower (around $1,000 or ... Read More »