How much does a Pinewood Derby block of wood weigh?

Answer The official block of wood used to make Pinewood Derby cars weighs 5 ounces. The completed car must also weigh 5 ounces including the wheels. After the block is carved into a car shape and the whee... Read More »

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How much can a Pinewood Derby car weigh?

Boy Scout Pinewood Derby cars can weigh no more than 5 ounces, as measured by the scout master's official scale on the day of the race. The cars must be no longer than 7 inches and no wider than 2-... Read More »

Where does the pinewood derby bead go?

The awarding of activity beads to Cub Scouts for their participation in events such as Pinewood Derby races is not an official practice of Boy Scouts of America. Therefore, there is no specified pl... Read More »

How to Weight a Pinewood Derby?

The Pinewood Derby is the highlight of the scouting year for many Boy Scouts. Building, decorating and racing the small wooden cars are fun for the scouts and adult helpers. One of the oldest speed... Read More »

Pinewood Derby Car Ideas?

When the announcer shouts “Go!” and the stopper is released, your Pinewood Derby car races down the track. The goal is to have your small wooden car reach the finish line first, but the race is... Read More »