How much does a McDonald's franchise make?

Answer As of December 2008, sales for McDonald's franchises operating for a year or more within the United States averaged about $2.3 million. The most profitable location had sales of more than $9.5 mill... Read More »

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How much money do franchise owners make?

Franchise owners are individuals who own businesses that are part of a larger company (such as a Starbucks or Burger King). The owner of the average franchise facility makes around $71,000 annually... Read More »

How much money can you make per year in a McDonald's franchise?

With a McDonald's franchise, your annual gross sales can be $1.3 million, according to CNN Money. Yearly net profits, after expenses for goods, rent, labor, taxes and other costs, can be about $916... Read More »

How much does a Starbucks franchise cost?

Starbucks does not franchise operations. Starbucks runs its own 8,000+ stores and coffee shops or licenses some stores to licensed employees. Starbucks does have some "programs" it offers to open s... Read More »

How much does it cost to start a franchise?

According to a report from the International Franchise Association, more than 900,000 franchised businesses operate in the United States, bringing in $880.9 billion each year. While franchise costs... Read More »