How much does a MacPro cost and can't it play minecraft without lag!?

Answer Dont waste money by getting a mac. Buy a pc portable from dell or asus. Then donate the remaining money to people that barely eats in a day in poverish country. You play minecraft on overpriced mac... Read More »

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Is it posible to play minecrft free no download without using minecraft classic?

No, I'm sorry. There used to be a way but the site got shut down. There are free downloads though...

How much resolution do you need to play Minecraft ?

You're asking the wrong question in an incorrect way.

How much resolution do you need on a monitor to play Minecraft?

Whichever resolution you prefer. I've seen it run as low as 800x600 and higher than 1600x900

How much does it cost to play golf?

As of October 2007, the cost of an average round of golf in the United States on a public course was $36. Costs are lower in the South and Midwest. In urban areas, costs are higher.Source:North Car... Read More »