How much does a Kenmore vacuum cleaner weigh?

Answer First the electricity goes inside the vacuum cleaner, then the vacuum cleaner sucks the dirt right away so therefore: Electrical energy -- Mechanical Energy

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Are there any recalls on Kenmore vacuum cleaners because the switch doesn't shut the vacuum cleaner off?

There may or may not be. With a model number, it might be possible to check. Or you could use the toll free number and ask a representative point blank. Make sure you have that model number, a date... Read More »

Where to buy a Kenmore vacuum cleaner in the UK?

Do you mean which store. Sorry we don't allow advertising.

Who manufactures the Kenmore Stylite vacuum cleaner?

Answer buy an appliance bulb from the light bulb store. unplug the fridge. Unscrew the old bulb. Screw in the new one.

Where can you get an owner's manual for a Kenmore vacuum cleaner?