How much does a Honda muffler cost?

Answer A Honda muffler can range widely in price, from about $70 to $100 on the low end to about $300 to almost $600 on the high end. The variation in cost depends largely on the specific model of car and... Read More »

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How much does a new muffler cost?

The price of a muffler depends on its manufacturer, specs and retailer. For example, a Cherry Bomb 16806 runs about $20 at Summit Racing Equipment. A Borla Universal Performance Muffler costs about... Read More »

How much does a muffler job cost?

For a car muffler, the cost can range between $110 and $218 for after-market parts for a muffler job. It costs an additional $255 to $380 for original equipment manufacturer parts. For trucks, SUVs... Read More »

How much does a muffler replacement cost?

The cost to replace a muffler is going depends on the vehicle that you are going to be buying the muffler for. The average range for a muffler is about $75 dollars and as much as $200 dollars in s... Read More »

How much does a honda element cost?

The 2010 Honda Element has an MSRP of $20,525 to $23,885, according to The price will depend on the features of the vehicle. Buying an older model that is certified used or used with no ... Read More »