How much does a A4 color print out cost in mumbai,India?

Answer Anything from Rs 10 to Rs 50 per print, depending on the area and the shop. he cheapest are in Fort area. But if you are in suburbs somewhere, better to pay more and get it from a neighbourhood xer... Read More »

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Why does B&W print cost more than color print?

Because black is the base color for every colors.When colored print is used, only part of the black is used, but when using black and white,of course, it is using completely black ink.

How much does a 3'x3' print cost?

It depends where you buy it, BW or color, but not much...

How Much Does It Cost to Print a Magazine?

The cost to print a magazine will vary based on number of pages in the issue, frequency (monthly or quarterly), paper stock used and the number of magazines printed. The cost for a full-color, 40-p... Read More »

How Much Does It Cost to Print a Book?

The cost to publish a book is dependent upon the publishing method you choose, but on average it can be done anywhere from $50 for uploading charges to various "Self Publishing" web services to $2... Read More »