How much does a 74 inch flat screen tv cost?

Answer eleventeen dollars

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How much would a 20 inch flat screen T.V cost me?

$200 to $600. I would personally consider the brand because you could spend $600 once and have it last years upon years or spend $200 every year cause the tv keeps having problems.

How much will it cost to repair my Philips Flat screen plasma 42" TV to get rid of 3 inch vertical stripes?

that's a common problem with television's. The cost to repair the problem generally runs about $400-$500. It sounds like your high voltage power supply is not functioning properly.

How wide is a 32-inch flat-screen TV?

The phrase 32-inch flat-screen TV refers to the distance from one corner of the television to the opposite corner. The actual width of a 32-inch TV varies depending on the manufacturer. The Vizio 3... Read More »

What is the weight of a 32 inch flat screen TV?

it will vary depending on the components used inside it.Normally between 25-50 lbs.