How much did a 1995 MIM Fender Jazz Bass cost?

Answer According to Harmony-Central, the 1995 Fender MIM Bass guitar was manufactured in Mexico and retailed from $250.00 (used) to $600.00 (new). The MIM series guitar was a fretless bass that appealed t... Read More »

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What is the value of a fender jazz bass serial no S735943 and how to sell in Bahrain?

I see pages and pages of this exact question in Google, so I doubt you're seriously looking for the answer.But just in case you are, that serial number could either denote a 70's US bass or a 90's ... Read More »

Fender Bass Guitar Identification?

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation is universally recognized as a key player in the history of the bass guitar. Its basses and electric guitars have been played by many legendary performers in... Read More »

History of the 4 String Bass Guitar?

While the electric guitar sprang from the acoustic guitar, the amplified four-string bass guitar developed from the upright double bass. With its strings plucked or slapped (not strummed), the hori... Read More »

How to Play the Six String Bass Guitar?

While most bass players are comfortable with the traditional four-string bass and find they don't need, or can't use, a bass with six strings, some players enjoy the extended range and versatility ... Read More »