How much does a 19 week fetus weigh?

Answer At 19 weeks, the average fetus weighs 8.47 oz., or 240 grams. It measures about 6.02 inches long. At this stage, nearly halfway through the prenatal period, the fetus weighs only a fraction of the ... Read More »

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How much does a 32 week old fetus weigh?

Go to babycenter.comThere you will find a growth chart that specifies average weight and length of you baby at all stages of pregnancy. Just remember that all babies are different.

How much does a 35 week fetus weigh?

The average fetus at 35 weeks gestation is 18.19 inches long and weighs 5.25 lbs. A full term baby may weigh as little as five lbs. at birth or more than nine lbs.References:Baby Center: Average Fe... Read More »

What does a 7 month old fetus weigh?

Well this would depend upon which week, because your baby is growing so fast! Week 27: Your baby is about 2 pounds and about 14 1/2" long! This week your baby's lungs and immune system are developi... Read More »

What Does a 13-Week-Old Fetus Look Like?

During the 13th week of pregnancy, a baby gains weight and grows rapidly, and some of the body's systems are already functioning. As the first trimester ends, so do a few worries for the mother as ... Read More »