How much does a 10x12 portable building cost?

Answer A portable building measuring10 feet by12 feet costs between approximately $600 and $2500. The cheapest in this size are simple sheds with no features. The most expensive are attractive and resembl... Read More »

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Can you pay for a building permit if you are a renter i have a 12x16 Portable storage shed or do i need one for a Portable storage shed?

a promoter "gets the word out." Period. A developer builds whatever it is........real estate project usually.

Is a building permit required for a portable storage shed if you are a renter?

While a building permit may not be required, make sure it doesn't violate your rental agreement or local zoning laws. My sub-division does not allow outbuildings of any type.

How much does PAT Portable Appliance Testing cost?

Individual things cost approx £12, on bulk, goes down to approx 50p per item.It's a test for double insulation on appliances or earth bonding testing for appliances that have an earth and metal ca... Read More »

How much does it cost to rent a portable stage?

The cost to rent a portable stage depends on the size of the stage needed and the company you rent it from. A typical price is $20 to $75 per 4x4 deck piece, including delivery, set-up and pick-up.... Read More »