How much does Verizon Wireless broadband cost?

Answer Verizon Wireless offers many options for broadband service with plans designed for daily, weekly or monthly usage. Prepaid plans are available for those who occasionally need access to the Internet... Read More »

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Can you fax with Verizon Wireless broadband access?

Yes, you can send faxes with your Verizon Wireless Broadband Access, but you will need to enroll in or purchase a fax-from-email service. There are many such services, ranging in price, additional ... Read More »

Can the Wireless-G broadband router be used by a Verizon connection?

Yes. Wireless-G broadband routers can be used with modems connecting to Verizon's DSL, and some routers even have a slot for compatibility with the USB broadband modems offered by Verizon's wirele... Read More »

How much does the iPhone 4 cost from Verizon wireless cost yearly on a two year contract?

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How much does a Verizon wireless rouge cost when you get an upgrade?

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