How much does Plan B cost?

Answer According to the Washington Post, Plan B's manufacturer (Barr) sells the drug to pharmacy chains, distributors, wholesalers and clinics for $27.95. These stores will then mark up the price--Wal-Mar... Read More »

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How much does a verizon family plan cost and what if i add another plan how much would that cost?

$30 per basic phone line $40 per smart phone line$50 for 1GB of data $60 for 2GB of data $70 for 4GB of data $80 for 6GB of data $90 for 8GB of dataIf you do not want 1GB of data you ... Read More »

How much does at and t iPhone 3g plan cost?

Costs about 120 bucks per month and c. 100- 115 bucks for the Iphone 3G itself

How much does a basic health insurance plan cost?

This will generally depend on what health insurance company (and state) you are considering. Typically a one person plan with no deductible will run close to around $45-60 a month.

How Much Does the Average Family Health Care Plan Cost?

The average family health care plan has a monthly premium of about $366, with annual premiums ranging from $3,400 to $4,650. The average deductible a family pays is $2,610.Source: http://www.marke... Read More »