How much does PayPal charge for a transaction?

Answer PayPal's transaction fees vary based on how much money passes through your PayPal account on a monthly basis. For instance, if up to $3,000 passes through your PayPal account, you'll be charged 2.9... Read More »

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How Do I Search A PayPal Transaction ID?

With the TransactionSearch API, you browse your transaction history for transactions that meet your specified criteria. You can search for transactions in many different ways, but the only required... Read More »

How to Dispute a PayPal Transaction?

Disputing a PayPal transaction is the first step in the claims process if you have a problem with a purchase you paid for with the service. PayPal offers buyer's protection on purchases if you do n... Read More »

I have $23 taken out of my checking from Paypal supposedly due to an ebay transaction, neither of which I did?

Bank, and do it right NOW.Do not use any form of Internet: use a telephone line.It could be you've picked up a Trojan that's stolen your bank numbers, or it could be you've given that out to someon... Read More »

How to Dispute a PayPal Transaction After PayPal Closes the Dispute?

E-commerce has its dangers and risks and one of them is losing your money to a vendor because you did not get your order or the item was not what the vendor described. When placing an order through... Read More »