How much does Medicare cover for Invisalign?

Answer Medicare Part A and Part B generally do not pay for dental procedures unless they are part of a covered procedure such as jaw reconstruction. But some Medicare Advantage plans may cover cosmetic de... Read More »

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Does Medicaid cover Invisalign braces?

Medicaid is managed by each state, which has different guidelines as to what is covered under this government-sponsored program. Generally, Medicaid will not pay for Invisalign braces unless it is ... Read More »

Does dental insurance cover invisalign treatment?

AnswerMine doesn't. Most dental plans through work insurance are pretty crappy compared to the health coverage and few of them cover anything more than a root canal requiring a crown, and then only... Read More »

Does Medicare cover liposuction?

Medicare is designed to provide essential medical coverage to those who cannot afford private insurance. Liposuction is not considered to be a medical procedure, but is instead classified as a cosm... Read More »

Will Medicare cover a bariatric bed?

Medicare Part B will cover a bariatric bed in the instance that it is medically necessary and it has been prescribed by a doctor. Medicare will pay for 80 percent of the cost of the bed if purchase... Read More »