Why does Jennifer Aniston Like To ShowHer Nipples.?

Answer Haha. I was just talking about that with my sister today!! Honestly, I don't think she likes to wear bras. Maybe she finds them uncomfortable. Idk... But I love her anyway!! She seemed like she wa... Read More »

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Does my hair color look like Jennifer Aniston (PIC)!?

How to Get a Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle?

Jennifer Aniston has that hair that almost everyone wants. She's had numerous hairstyles and they all look fabulous on her. So, if you're one of the "everyone" then read on to learn how you can get... Read More »

How to Get Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles?

Jennifer Aniston's hairstyles are pretty much all based on the premise of ultra straight hair. Whether she wears it down, framing her face or in an alluring updo, it all starts with straightening. ... Read More »

Does anyone think that Jennifer Aniston isn't that pretty?

Duh, courtney cox was the pretty one on friends.