How much does Dr Phil pay guests for being on his show?

Answer All talk shows pay their Guests a small stipend In addition, air flight, hotel and food are handled by the production team.

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Does Dr Phil pay his guests to appear on his show?

Totally Yes there is no doubt about it. if someone says different then i totally disagree with him or her.He appears to be a Huckster of mediocre advice at best. Often on the TV show he comes acros... Read More »

How can you get information about a Phil Donahue show with guests Susan Brownmiller and Eldredge Cleaver?

Does Dr Phil make his guests pay him?

No, in fact, the show pays for the guests flights and hotel stay as well as a per diem.

In what hotel do Dr. Phil's guests stay?

In 2005 when we were guests of the show they put us up at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel.