Is she stoops to conquer a comedy of manners?

Answer We talked about this question in class. However, we didn't speicify which type of comedy it is. We said this play is just a antidote for sentimental comedy. Sentimental comedy is the comedy of the ... Read More »

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You are on your Aunts title to her condo. She passed away last year-no assets. Mtg. has not been paid in over a year. Do I have any responsibility for the mortgage since I'm only on the title?

Your name on the title implies that you own the condominium. Unless during the probate of her estate, there was a different disposition of the property, you own it. Not only are you responsible for... Read More »

Are there any paid jobs for a 12-year-old?

It depends on what country you live in. As soon as you are 13 you can do a newspaper round in some countries. Here are some more ideas: Mow lawnsGarden or yard workLemonade stand (doesn't necessari... Read More »

How much does an CIA agent get paid a year?

How much does a FBI agent get paid in a year?

the CIA was formed in Washington D.C. in 1947