How much does it cost to custom paint a car?

Answer Although a standard car paint job can cost as little as $250, a typical custom body paint job is going to cost you anywhere from $4,000 to $8,000. You may also need to pay for small body repairs be... Read More »

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How much do flying lessons cost?

According to, learning to fly costs anywhere from $5,255 to $8,855. The costs depend on the area, instructor rates and rental rates. Some schools and small airports might offer a fr... Read More »

How much do custom window treatments cost?

According to Ching Young, an expert window covering designer in Chicago, Illinois, the average cost of quality custom window treatments can range from $800 to $1,500 per window as of 2010. Costs ma... Read More »

Can I play Guitar Hero Custom with my Rock Band guitar?

Whether or not a Rock Band guitar is compatible with Guitar Hero depends on which version of Guitar Hero you are playing. Rock Band guitars are not compatible with Guitar Hero III or the Aerosmith... Read More »

How much do acoustic guitar strings cost?

Acoustic strings vary greatly in price. The average price range for a full set of six acoustic strings is between $5 and $15 for either steel or nylon classical guitar strings. Generally, higher-pr... Read More »