What year did the Alex Haley movie"Roots"come out?

Answer The Alex Haley movie entitled "Roots" came out in 1977. This movie series was about African-American life based on Haley's family's own experiences. The story also showed some notable events in U.S... Read More »

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Question for Alex, only Alex may answer?

1. Well King, I am taking Math 107 in the summer because I want to graduate by next spring and get my General Associate's. 2. I will still work at Jimmy John's3. I might go to Cedar Point with a bu... Read More »

How to Make Your Hair Like Alex Russo?

If you really want your hair to look like Alex Russo, follow me.

How do you make alex russos wand?

You Can Get A pencil and wrap paper over it colour it red then get a plastic bead glue it on there and there you have it you're own wand !!! :)

How do you make an Alex Russo wand?

You can't make a real wand (of course), but you can make a fake wand. You start by shaping some wire into the shape of Alex's wand, and then you get some brownish clay and wrap it around the wire a... Read More »